When Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford in 2013 for the first (and so far only) time to face Manchester United with Real Madrid in the Champions League, Sir Alex Ferguson instructed the club’s PA announcer to break with tradition and read out the Real team second, with Ronaldo left as the last player to have his name read out. Alan Keegan, United’s PA man, followed Ferguson’s instructions and the reception Ronaldo was granted made hairs stand up on the back of 70,000 necks. Just as Ferguson anticipated, Ronaldo was so taken by the standing ovation that his focus was clearly distracted in the opening stages..

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Stratigraphic surveys and hydrometric measurements), helped us developing a 2D hydrological model describing the water flux within the embankment, from the river to the plain. The simulations, performed thanks to the SEEP2D code (Aquaveo), show that one of the main reasons triggering the seepage phenomenon could be the height of the jet grouting injections, which end inside a permeable material. From the results of the hydrologic modelling it also emerges that the efficiency of the hydraulic defence could be greatly reduced by the presence of discontinuities within the barrier itself.