After facilitating Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Serie A, Jorge Mendes is working as an intermediary to deliver a young star back to the Galacticos. While the Portuguese super agent doesn’t technically represent the Serbian midfielder, he has a great relationship with both Real Madrid and Lazio he has been tasked by the Italian club to broker a deal for at least million. Milinkovic Savic could be part of a rebuild at Real Madrid centered around younger players, but a late push by Manchester City cannot be discounted quite yet..

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He left us recently and everyone from friends and colleagues to the fashion world are talking about Nabile Quenum, which sadly went off in his home in Paris. Originally from Africa and based in Paris, Nabile was one of the most established street photographers, a constant presence at all the main and international fashion week and the leading photographer of The Cut, Gq France and many other publications as well. Impossible not to notice it thanks to extravagant looks and that only he could wear, from KTZ to Craig Green, Nabile was also interested in promoting rising designers, we could talk about emerging brands for hours.

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