Times, Sunday Times (2006)Previous research has suggested that the use of multiple digital devices simultaneously can change the structure of the brain. Times, Sunday Times (2014)When you are dealing with multiple agencies and many different people you may get confused and forget who said what to whom. Martin, April The Guide to Lesbian and Gay Parenting (1993)Twins and triplets have a higher risk of disability and fertility doctors agree that the number of multiple births should be lower.

“You must see that the money they get is respectable. Everybody says foreigners are foreigners they have to be paid extra, we have to pay Indians less. We are doing the same job, the laws are the same. The Sun (2015)So learning about healthy eating and what is a healthy balanced diet for you is very important. Stewart, Dr Alan Stewart, Maryon The Vitality Diet (1990)Her appetite is healthy and her energy high. Times, Sunday Times (2008)This light serum instantly gave my skin a healthy glow.

We rode up to the kopjie, and instead of surrounding it first, we swarmed up the one side. Of course the Germans escaped down the other side. You should have heard Mj Pretorious when he realized what we had done. Bene, pur impeccabile per stile e puntuto nella messinscena, questo affresco riesce a essere più stucchevole della realtà che suggerisce di voler denigrare. Per dirne una, quando va bene le donne appaiono come povere cretine opportuniste, magari strafatte di psicofarmaci o diete ridicole e degne, nel migliore dei casi, di esser liquidate con la lusinghiera (?) etichetta di “corpoduro”. Avvilente, ma c’è gente intelligente che plaude..

Were in fact used male and female lambs of three breeds Veneto: the Foza (Vicenza), the Alpagota (Belluno) and Brogna (Verona), raised on pasture or in tie stalls with feed consisting of hay and dry feed or again, with the same power supply with integrated dry conjugated linoleic aci(CLA). At the end of the fattening cycle, which lasted a total of about four months (120 days), the animls where slaughtered at ‘ average age of about 225 days and an average weight of about 30 Kg. With these animal data were obtained infra vitam (biometric measurements) and post mortem at the slaughterhouse and in the laboratory (TARE slaughter weights of the cuts, yield, cooking loss and drip), which were collected, compared and analyzed using SAS software (GLM procedure).

Times, Sunday Times (2016)Our house has stunning views over the countryside. Times, Sunday Times (2016)They are merely two contrasting ways of viewing a situation. Times, Sunday Times (2016)And why is it always the case that rooms with cleaning products in full view are far from clean? Times, Sunday Times (2016) Again the views were amazing matched by the buzz of adrenaline.