To say the least, the evidence is conflicting. One should be careful not to make a firm decision one way or the other regarding Mark’s ending based on the external data alone. Though the majority of New Testament scholars believe that vv 9 20 are not original, virtually none come to this conclusion based purely on the external evidence.

As of Oct 2017, the buses (39 [Oct 2017], 2 hours) from Xi’an station leave from a bus depot located on the opposite site of the train station every 30 minutes. The location is south of the train station and west from the McDonald’s and NOT the east side of Xi’an station from where the Bus to the Terracotta Warriors goes from. You can also just ask any of the official looking people around the train station by indicating that you want to go to (Huashan)..

“Do you think women today should flaunt femininity?” I asked backstage after a cascade of lilac silk, golden lace and floral decoration, wrapped up with glittering jewellery, had walked the Marchesa runway.That might well be true of the paintings of John Singer Sargent, the American born artist whose powerful portraits of upper crust European society ladies had inspired the fashion show. It is harder to decide whether such an orgy of opulence, played out with light fingers and minds, is relevant for today.But if you accept fashion as fantasy (and think of all those movie stars to dress for the current round of awards ceremonies), the Marchese show was simply lovely.Honing their skills since their early days of puffy ball gowns, the shapes were slim, shadowing the body, but given an extra dimension with the surface interest of crusty Chantilly lace, organza flowers and lilac floral beading. Even if there was a portrait neckline, long sleeves balanced the bared flesh.To me, the red carpet has become increasingly vulgar since the start of the new millennium.

Beyond the source of Rooney’s motivation, his body language and actions so far bode well. He’s barked at veteran and academy player alike. He wanted to travel with the team for last week’s road trip to face the Galaxy, the better to bond with his new team, but was talked out of it so as to work on his fitness.

Illness. Times, Sunday Times (2016)I feel it’s become a part of my life. The Sun (2016)Many fear they will need the stuff one day or feel guilty about chucking out unwanted gifts. The Sun (2013)What gilded theatre or country pile can beat that number? Times, Sunday Times (2009) Investors have also piled into gold as a hedge against inflation. Times, Sunday Times (2010)There were also worries about its debt pile. Times, Sunday Times (2010)We would all pile into the car and head for the beaches.