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In the beginning, when we talked as a team about what we wanted to share at Booklights, I knew wanted to do straight, short book reviews. It was a format I had used at my other blog, MotherReader, and I liked the structure it gave me in focusing my selections and my write ups. It also seemed like the perfect fit alongside the broader posts that my colleagues contributed.

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Times, Sunday Times (2016)One recognised symptom is a butterfly shaped skin rash over the cheeks and nose. The Sun (2009)Her cheeks and mouth look fuller so she could have had fillers. The Sun (2010)Which is why my homes are a bit tongue in cheek. We tried the BBQ Chicken Pizza and found that it hit the spot. A little saucy maybe, but definitely enough to satisfy two people. It was nice to see Keely again, and to sit with her and my twitter bestie Jen K.

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