It didn’t end there, either. Toni Kroos, scorer of that wonderful goal against Sweden, was soon gone too. By the time the semifinals came around, one headline in Spain sadly declared this the “most Premier League World Cup” in style and in stats, too: 40 of the remaining footballers played in England, 44 of the goals had been scored by Premier League players and the two top scorers were there..

But expansion is not so easy. It requires more laborers, and to get them the capitalists must bid against one another for the working force. Wages tend to rise. The Sun (2016)This is a weak enough race for his fencing debut and he clearly won’t be troubled if the conditions get softer. The Sun (2016)Any deficiencies in their work can lead to significant legal and financial troubles. Christianity Today (2000)He missed most of the next season because of back trouble.

Burton, John A. Animals of the World (1993)You can film in the dark; you can film down rabbit burrows. Times, Sunday Times (2012)WHAT is burrowing holes in my peppers? The Sun (2014)A This is caused by an insect called leaf miner burrowing into the leaves.

2) l’espressione inglese tradotta letteralmente è “legata per le Ossa”, a prima vista avevo tradotto con “e si sono legati a lei fin nel midollo” (una sorta di matrimonio mistico), ma poi nel proseguo della traduzione ho optato per la versione più letterale, ossia che alla dea è stata data forma umana, (imprigionata nelle Ossa). Che è poi la storia del film che si viene a capire un po’ per volta. Il fatto che Barbossa sia riuscito a catturare la regina del mare e a soggiogarla in forma umana privandola di buona parte del suo potere soprannaturale, è anche una metafora di come il primo pirata sia il vero padrone dei Mari, avendo Dio dalla sua parte (tanto per citare una famosa canzone).

The Sun (2009)They are easy to handle and ideal for keeping box topiary in shape or trimming leafy shrubs and law edges. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Last week, we showed you how to tone and trim your upper body. The Sun (2014)Inside you’ll find new instruments and door trims.

I was asked if I would like to wait in the lounge and once the rest of my party arrived they would direct them to the lounge to meet me. I agreed and I proceeded to the lounge like I usually do. However, as I sat there I saw the rest of my party come in and then I saw them get escorted to our table.

Afraid to put into practice (2001)To probe a world as alien as the deep also takes sensitivity. Times, Sunday Times (2010)How much deeper are the anxieties of millions of my fellow citizens? Times, Sunday Times (2011)He was a deep shade of green. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Your deeper understanding of a partner could upgrade your love life.