Dal 2007, Dell’Acqua non può firmare per esteso le proprie creazioni: la linea eponima, ancora in vita e commercialmente distribuita, non gli appartiene più. una situazione paradossale, kafkiana come molti affari legati alla giurisprudenza. L’equivoco mi rende furioso , dice lo stilista.

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Investment bank: it’s also costs and risk weighted assets. Morzaria said exchange rate effects were principally to blame for the extra in operating expenses in the the investment bank in the second quarter of 2016. The exchange rate was also to blame for an extra of risk weighted assets.

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The Sun (2016) Local residents expressed anger at the signs. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Inside the home, residents were playing bingo. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Residents live in households of a dozen people, each with their own kitchen and sitting room.

7MbAbstract goal of this thesis is to study oil droplets production in viscoelastic non newtonian fluids in a T junction microfluidic device. In particular it has been studied a Boger fluid. These fluids mantain their viscosity constant with shear rate variations, as newtonian fluids do, and at the same time they exhibit properties and effects similar to the ones observed for elastic matter.

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